Maryland Grain Producers

Farmers raising food, fiber and renewable energy

Farm Initiatives

  • Flex Fuel

    Clean, Renewable Fuel

    Engine friendly, clean burning, American made power. Ethanol is a step in the right direction.

    Find out where to fuel up and what NASCAR drivers think about using ethanol in their cars. 

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  • HealthySoilWater

    Healthy Soil & Water

    Maryland farmers work every day to not only provide healthy crops but to protect the land and water resources so they can grow another crop next year. Find out how and what you can do at your home to help, too!

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    Science on the Farm

    Just like advances in medicine or cell phones, scientists have been working with farmers to make crops grow healthier with less land, water and chemical inputs. Find out how we use everything from manure to genes and satellites.

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  • Weather & Markets

    Know Your Farmer

    Who better to find answers about food and energy production than from the farmer who grows it?

    97% of today's farms are family owned and producing food, animal feed, fuel and more.

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